Sunday, May 29, 2011

Dead Vampires

Dead Vampires is such a great band reviewers say they sound like The misfits meets Devo,which to me is just great they have a more synth punk element to there music then anything but have a element of rockabilly fused in to make the dead vampires sound,they have played with the likes of the phenomenauts(rockabilly/punk).They have two full lengths and a split or to from what ive found.After a listen check umm out on myspace or better facebook and goto thier site and buy all there merch because this is a band that deserves some more light in the sun if you no what I mean.

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Remember folks this blog serves has a gateway to new music if you like something you hear please support your artist buy some merch goto a concert gig,and dont forget enjoy-remember you only live once goto a concert or two these bands depend on it,venues everywhere are going outta bussiness cause lazy fuks dont wanna get outta there houses any more enjoy life enjoy ur music just enjoy

Saturday, May 28, 2011

animus herilis

Great black metal from france I need not say anymore then that if you no your black metal,france has some of the greatest black metal and animus herilis is no exception.
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Dead Island

Dead Island is a new video game coming to consoles very soon from what ive seen it looks similar to left 4 dead in that there is a 4 player co-op and a single player mode of coarse the use of machetes is not something left 4 dead came up with but just the natural defense tactic against zombies everywhere.On the site below you can download the Fansite Kit which has some pretty cool large images of each character you can play as and wallpapers etc...Also ive heard people compare the game to the likes of dead rising,well of coarse people are going to compare games like this game to every zombie game out there.There are only a few so with that said watch the trailer and judge yourself it looks pretty good to me.Also call me a wimp but the trailer is actually kinda sad,but really shows you the game has atmosphere which is good in a game,so cant wait for this to come out,dont forget to check out the site.

Forest Silence-Philosophy Of Winter

Forest Silence is a band from Hungary formed in 1997 by Winter as a side project of the band Sear Bliss.They have three demos The Third Winter”97,Winter Circle”99 and Eternal Winter”2001,and the official album the "Philosophy Of Winter”.Such great atmosphere

1. Bringer of Storm
2. Spirits of the Winds
3. At the Dawning of Chaos
4. Path of Destruction
5. Philosophy of Winter

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Friday, May 27, 2011

Linnea Quigley

Today is one great day for horror fans to sit back relax and enjoy a view films in honor of these awsome horror stars bdays,Besides Vincent Price and Christopher Lee we have another great horror bday to celebrate Ms.Linnea Quigley also known has the punk rock zombie chick from Return of the lving dead aka Trash (Obsessed with death)


also a tease to a few kats back in one of the great horror flicks of the late 80's Night of the demons

So in honor of are beloved horror stars let watch a few flicks today let start with


and then you pick your fav Vincent price flick id pick last man on earth or
mad house maybe house on haunted hill,has for Mr.Lee it be the satanic rites of dracula so get some popcorn pull up your chair and raise your glass and wish them a happy birthday.

Godless wicked creeps

Godless wicked creeps was a psychobilly band from denmark in my opinion a band that deserved more attention then other bands that became more popular anyways check umm out I know youll like it.If your a psycho this is one band you cant be without.

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

The last man on earth(vincent price)

So tommorrow is a day of celebration for horror fans everywhere its a legends birthday tommorrow the man himself Mr.Vincent Price here is one of my all time fav horror flick The last man on earth

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Combat 84

Combat 84 was a english Oi band active in the 80's this is there come back album of sorts released in 2000.recently they have shared the stage with the likes of the Uk subs and exploited.great band

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Sagrada Blasfemia

Sagrada Blasfemia is a raw black metal band from brazil great demo 2009

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Resist was an anarchopunk band from Portland Oregon who called it a day in 1994 they were one of the new wave of anarcho bands to come out in the 80's and got back together for a reunion show in 2007 and have been together since then.Note some of the members went on to bands like defiance,severed heads of state,detestation etc...Resist have also put out splits with disrupt and deprived,I have to mention this band puts on such a great show was lucky enough to see them play when they did there first tour to california at the know gone corona showcase theatre(r.i.p.),awsome stuff right here.

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Do you like the Misfits?Do you like horrorpunk?If so Zombeast is the band for you imagine if glen was still with the misfits I think they would sound like this so if you like horrorpunk this is one band you should not be without.

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Sunday, May 22, 2011


Well heres another real creature looks like a fake blob of puddy or a glob of jello but its real,they live in deep waters off the coasts of Australia.

These beautiful creatures are becoming exstinct due to deepsea fishing poor little guys (SAVE THE BLOBFISH).


The movie frankenfish is based on a real fish tho its not exactly the same the fish can survive out of water and are very aggresive.

There are tons of these new movies popping up mega fish mega croc etc...etc... and are all very low budget franeknfish offers abit more with some good gore alot of whats gonna happen next moments.The cg in the movie is on the low budget side but if your like me and like even low budget flicks youll like this.Takes place in the bayou this snakeheads have been mutated meaning there more aggressive killing and stalking there prey.

Even coming out of the water to get there kill

I would diff check this movie out if your into creature features the ending is well worth it hell the hole movie is good so check it out.
P.S.the main snakeheads alittle big

Friday, May 20, 2011

Banane metalik

Alright so the pending apocalypse is still hours away but people still need there music so heres one of the best french psychobilly bands ever actually one of the best psychobilly band ever combining punk metal and of coarse psychobilly with a dose of horror field costumes and gore.

Here a taste

the album is "nice to meet"most of the songs are in french but you soon forget because of the awsome songs and overall greatness

you want it get it here!

Satan is in every church

Well heres something i just found out Mr.C said all churches are being run by satan lol

Thursday, May 19, 2011

The rapture May 21st the dead will walk the earth (ZOMBIES)

So from post all over the internet people are saying the end of days are near and that those who believe in god will be saved,other wise taken from there bodys and taken to the land above (heaven).

Those that donot believe will stay here on earth for 5 months living in torment and despair.Also the begining of may 21st we are to have a world wide earthquake and thats when will no that the rapture has come.According to the doomsday calendar they have built from Genesis and other books of the Bible, the dead will rise from their graves on Judgment Day, 21 May(zombies).

There seems to be many who believe that saturday coming up is the end people are wearing shirts that say doomsday is coming billboard sign are everywhere,people are holding signs in the streets.

So first they say its 2012 thats gonna end it all now its may 21st when gods people will be taken and the following 5 months here will be despair.I seem to recall a time not long ago when they said the world would end and that was in 1999 and here we are 11 years later.No doubt theres alot of thing happening in the world today but there always is, were just to blinded by are everyday lives to open are eyes and see.Yeah theres war,hunger,global warming massive flooding,tsunamis like what happen in japan which alot of people have probably forgotten by now.

Not to mention the strange emission coming from the sun and the waves its been sending towards the earth which tons of people have no idea of.

Anyways to make my point things of this nature have been happening for years the earth and its population will end when it ends.With that said if ZOMBIES do come out to play get your zombie survival kits out

Grab your guns and machetes and pretend your in a game of left 4 dead and lets get to that safe house.

Remember aim for the brain!!!!

Vivisect-anarko not peace punk

Vivisect is a anarcho punk band from houston texas sounding much like the many pioneers of the genre bringing in a new sound to call there own.The vocals sound harsh but in a good way sounding a bit like chaos uk.The demo(2011)features 8 songs with great drum beats making u wanna head bang great guitar riffs and overall just great album.

Live from a house gig last two songs amebix and crass

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mutants found in sewer or tubifex

An unknown lifeform picked up by sewer snakecam in North Carolina. Believed to be of ET origin.Well i dont no about et but more along the line of tubifex worms other wise none as sludge worms,sewage worms.Alot of folks are saying no its not tubifex worms because they dont look like most pictures,well heres a normal picture of what they look like then imagine them covered in sewage if thats not enough then check out this next video.

Now with this second video of tubifex reactions compared to the first vid what do you think now Ummm well im not one to dumb down anyones beliefs so if you think this is a blob from outter space then think it if you think its tubifex worms with poop on them then think so Its up to you.

Christian Deaths,reissue only theatre of pain,45 grave death party pt2

ok so the night started off with death party a death rock band with some great punk influence and i couldnt help but feel some of there songs sounded like the band medicine a band off the crow soundtrack but thats was only for a few songs that they said was there experimental sound,they put on a good show and if you like death rock/punk you should diff check umm out they are on facebook and myspace.

for there last two songs Richie ramone one of the drummers of the ramones played with them,they played psycho theraphy which was awsome.

During there set I walked up to the front of the stage which was a mistake on my part cause there were alota crazy goth chicks dancein there ass's off and i kept getting wiped by hair as i tried and take pics lol.At the end of death partys set they said that rikk agnew had gottn sick and would not be performing sucks cause thats why i went,but after the night ended it was all worth it because of all the great people that showed up and made the gig happen.Next up was 45 grave heres there set list

Also now playing guitar for 45 grave is Frank agnew of the adolescents

45 grave put on a great show as usually,playing all the hits and a few songs that havnt been played in 20 years or so,and a tribute to rob graves

At the end of there set they brought up there original drummer Don bolles formerly of the germs who hadnt played with them in 2 decades.Also floating around in the crowd was the singer of frankenstein Dave grave.Fun was had by all....

At the end the place turned into a goth dance club playing alot of,of coarse christian death songs it was awsome.

Crow-Neurotic organization

Crow is a japanese crust band this little number has an amebix cover on it as well heres alittle taste of what they have to offer,

Yup you like it dont you get it here!


Great band with roots going back to 77 being labeled has postive punk/anarcho and having some great female fronted vocals Brigandage is a gem to have

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Also check out there website and michelle line of goods

Angelina jolie punk rocker

Angelina Jolie sporting a crass shirt,so fkn what i heard when she was growing up she listen to punk rock music and thats great maybe some rich snob city girl will say whats the crass and find out and change over night into a awsome crusty gal or gutter punk....One less hollywood high roller in the streets.I say wheres the rudimentary peni shirt on tom hanks hahah.The point being we were all young once,what do we do now work wise(socialy) and we still listen to are music and dont give a rats ass what people think cause its our music so I say good for her,Up the punks angie Up the punks!