Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Warfear is a hardcore punk band with some grindcore type influence on this record it a sort of concept album of the video game Left 4 dead.With songs like burn the witch and The horde great band check um out.

Warfear The 4 left dead



Monday, October 18, 2010

One for the pigs

What a great pic i just wish more folks had the same idea lol

Zombie pic of the week

Thrashoween @ the commongrounds soundstage oct 23rd

Looks like a good show with some good acts Id like to see warslave.Warslave is a new act playing old school metal with talent to boot alot of great gigs coming up.

The Voids @ the commonground soundstage November 27th

Live Nov 27th in Riverside,CA @ the commongrounds soundstage a great little venue hidden away in the backlot of some workshops next to the 60 freeway.Great place to make some noise with some great bands the voids,sick sense and a great crust band secret sect along with all or nothing hc and the detriments should be a great show and for 10 bucks GO!

Friday oct 22nd Naked aggression w/

Naked aggression a great band and legends in the punk scene along with introspect a newer band with electonic sounds and industrial sounding drums looks like a great show to attend.

Poor Kids Radio Presents Saturday oct 30th 2010

Ghoul(thrash,death,punk)with members of impaled from oakland,ca
The Voids (punk rock,street punk,hardcore punk)from so cal
SMD (thrash,grind)
has for the other bands look them up on myspace,this show will be worth the go just to see ghoul and the great stage show they put on.


A very raw and powerfull
band from Hungary with
10 songs at only 6 min long well worth the download check um out

hit the link and u got um


Mushroom Attack

Were a peacepunk band from Holland that changed there name from Human error to reality attack and then Mushroom attack.After several tours they had two split Lps and called it quits in 1992 three of the members founded Fleas and lice.The members of Mushroom attack were as follows:

Janine (vox)

Robbie (vox)

Piet (guitar)

Maynard (Drums)

Juul (Bass)
HIT THE LINK FOR THERE ALBUM such great melody and overall a great album if you like Fleas and lice youll like this,although I love this much better. :)