Friday, April 29, 2011

Steve ignorant on the crass,the last super and steve ignorant presents crass songs 77-82

Since Ill be going to steve ignorants last super(presents crass songs 77-1982)I had seen in forums on and facebook saying this aint the crass its just steve or in their words its just one guy only one original member so hence i show you this video which explains it all.Also the name of the gigs says steve ignorant presents crass songs duh anyways watch the vid.

Also if you like to see the rest of the vids goto

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Into the rhine

Into the rhine is a very different kinda of band playing acoustic instruments having a very black metal influence but very original and very pleaseing to the ears when you want something different then your crust or black metal this band fits in anytime.Into the rhine is from north-east, Vermont, United States.The bands members include mereian-resonator guitar and vocals,leeanne-violin,agatha resonator guitar and vocals,david-guest upright bass .This is a four song demo download below.

Sun devoured earth

I happen to run pass this band today and must say this is much different then my normal post.This band is blackend shoegaze/darkwave with 7 albums that i have found,It is also a one man band,what a treat to hear.If you wish to purchase this album or any other album goto his myspace or bandcamp page

Download hear


Birds in a row-cottbus

What a great band this album Cottbus was released feb28 2011 with 7 songs the bands initial sound is a mix of hardcore,post hardcore,sludge,violence,great band get it here

Also the band wishes this link to be shared so share the album!

Real monsters in Riverside,Ca

In 1958, Charles Wetzels saw a creature Saturday, November 8, 1958,Charles Wetzel was near Riverside, California when he encountered a strange bipedal, reptilian like creature. He was driving on North Main Street and had arrived at the Santa Ana River which had over flowed its banks when his radio station suddenly went out. Changing stations didn't help. Then a six foot tall creature with scaly skin, no nose, no ears, and a beak like mouth emerged and attacked Wetzel's car. Wetzel later described it as having a "round, scarecrowish head like something out of Halloween". As it clawed at his windshield, he stomped on the gas, causing the creature to fall off the hood and under his car. Not caring about the monster, he blatantly ran over it. The creature scrapped against the bottom of the car. Police tests would reveal that something had indeed rubbed against the underside of his car, but police dogs later brought to the area found nothing. Although the next night, another motorist was frightened by something not far from the site of the attack, the only real evidence of the creature's existence was the clawed windshield of Charles Wetzel's car.

Black monolith

Black monolith is amazing blackend crust not to much can be found about this band via the web but from my findings they maybe from San franciso.The demo has only one song but amazing to my ears so check umm out

Monday, April 25, 2011

Hellblock 13

A deathrow inmate (Debbie Rochon) tells three terrifying tales to her executioner (Gunnar Hansen) Leatherface from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. the first being watery grave about a woman who pays more attension to her boyfriend then her kids.This first story has zombies and a love story.The 2nd story is a white trash love story about acouple who lives in a trailer,and fight so the woman tired of getting beat trys some voodoo with reverse affects.The 3rd story is a biker story about a legendary biker gal named rhonda who watches over the gang during there illegal activitys the only cost is sacrifice.This is a great film go get it folks.

temple of dagon

Temple of dagon is a crust/grind band from Ca the demo is called Book of azathoth This is a great band Thats preforming all over so go check umm out and by there merch cause there merch art is fkn awsome this band as you can tell or not has some references to the one and only Mr.H.P.Lovecraft hence there name and the name of the demo.I bet if he were alive right now he be listening to Temple of dagons book of azathoth sporting a shirt.So like i said go out and buy some merch support the bands you like.

Get it here


Spains blackend crust Disflesh/warmaggedon demo is amazing to my ears...get it here


Disflesh is a blackend crust band from Spain formed in 2003 with three demos and a split with slugfeast.This demo Long live the new flesh has 3 original songs and two covers,one by Anti-cimex and the other by amebix.

get it here

Lesbian vampire killers

great film reminded me abit like shawn of the dead just replace the zombies with vampires and there you have it.In this film we got two main characters Jimmy and fletch(seen above)Jimmy dumped by his girlfriend and fletch loseing his job has a clown start out on a hike to a village to get away from it all.
There they hope to meet some atractive ladys to hang with only to find a bar with a bunch of crazy old men.The old men point them in the area of a cottage where jimmy and fletch soon go and meet up with some grils they had seen leaving earlier from a bar in town.They then meet up and party with the gals and one by one they begin to disaper while onlyone woman is left,while the rest are turned into vampires.

Lesbian vampires of who wish to return there vampire god so to speak Carmilla

The rest of the movie is a battle between jimmy fletch and lotte one of the only gal that did not turn, against the LVK and a small note i didnt mention the only way to kill carmilla is with a sword a sword with a penis handle...Great film

The story ends with a gay werewolf howling at the moon

Saturday, April 23, 2011

This aint the jersey shore-jersey devil

In the beautiful Pine Barrens of Southern New Jersey lives a creature and the story behing the creature is pretty crazy.Mother leeds a accussed whore invoked the devil while giving birth to her 13th child saying let it be the devil and when the child was born it transformed into a creature and flew off into the wild.There are many different storys most are the same many accounts are of hunters seeing the creature flying or the devil causeing terror to the surrounding folks in the area.Many belive he is real and Im one of them.

The mothman

The mothman a winged creature said to show up before a major accident,hence fore telling of a disaster,or the cause of destruction.Many where aware of the mothman but with the release of the film Mothman prophecies brought a hole new group of people into the mysterious creatures realm.Is this creature real,trying to warn people or trying to damage the world we live in.No one really has a good photo of the creature so for all we no this could be an angel(if you believe in that sort of thing)Tho there are many reports of this creature showing up all over the world,strage objects seen flying floating in the sky....Ummmm im sure theres something out there and time will only tell if im right or wrong.

Alarido - s/t cassette

Alarido is a 4 piece crust/d-beat band with some black metal influences the band hails from Las Vegas, NV.Members of the band have been in various acts the bands bass player has also been a touring member of Resistant Culture via 2008.This cassette is really something else I really enjoyed listening to this band great all round and im sure you love the album if ur a fan of crust/dbeat or black metal this is for you.

"Also since you will like what you here buy it here"

Friday, April 22, 2011

Warscarred-nuclear blast demo

Download here

6 songs on this demo check um out crusty hardcore punk good demo they are also on myspace.Check um out live and go support your local bands

Aivopesta demo 2009

Aivopesta is a crust band from Lake elsinore,Ca this is a great demo released in 2009 with 4 songs I suggest checking them out Live and buying there merch they are also on myspace so check um out.

Download here

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Never healed

Never healed is a hardcore band from the bay area great debut,If you like punk youll like it if you like hardcore youll like it Hell if you like black metal you may like it so get it!

Ill see you in my dreams

Heres a great Portuguese zombie film,its only 20 min but once you see it youll be hooked,these folks need to make a full on zombie film cause they blow alot flicks outta the water with stuff like this.Enjoy!

Heres the music video for the film by the band MOONSPELL

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

strange creatures

The creature's body was found by a villager on the dirt yard surrounding a house. When first seen, these people thought this creature was a small child's body, so he hurried grabbed his cell phone to contact police. Because the impulse of curiosity large, Before the police arrived on scene, he got closer and look at the creature's body. In her heart she also had a chance to think and feel awkward, why the little creature's body this one has a wing-like leaves? And his body was too small for the size of a toddler? Even when the police arrived, they were also confused and did not understand, what it was.

According to reports from the results of X-ray, the creature has a bone structure similar to the arrangement of bones in infants, but in a little hollow body like an animal jenis2 Insects. Uniquely, it also has a physical form similar to humans, has 2 hands full with 5 fingers, two legs, and on the head there is a network layer is very thin skin that grows golden blond hair.

But that is not out think, why these creatures have wings and height classified as very small, between 10-20 cm high. His body did not decay, but instead dry and did not remove the stench. On the wing structure itself, though quick when viewed similar to the leaves, but this is not a kind of leaf, if touched it will show the difference. Wings similar to the wing structure Insects animals in general.

Until recently, forensic teams are examining the remains of these creatures do not understand fully about the type and identity. But from the conclusions obtained, these creatures have certain DNA structure similar to human DNA, but also there are many similarities with the animals Insects.

Leviathan news

According to the Chicago Tribune, renowned tattoo artist Jef Whitehead — also known as Wrest of the black metal band LEVIATHAN — was charged with criminal sexual assault with a tattoo equipment and aggravated domestic battery Sunday(for bashing her head against a wall) and held on $350,000 bond after allegedly attacking his girlfriend in Chicago, Illinois.

Xasthur-last album

For some of you who do not know already Xasthur is no more,Malefic has stated that he will no longer be making music under the name xasthur.Why?He stated that he did not want his music to become just another band,having to have guest muscians come in on future albums to get peoples attension.Portal of sorrow will be his last album with 14 songs to end Xasthur(P.s. there is no upload here theres already tons of blogs that have the album already buy it and enjoy it).

01. Portal of Sorrow
02. Broken Glass Christening
03. Shrine of Failure
04. Stream of Subconsciousness
05. Karma-Death
06. Horizon of Plastic Caskets
07. Mesmerized by Misery
08. This Abyss holds the Mirror
09. Mourning Tomorrow
10. Miscarriage of Souls
11. Obeyer's of their own Death
12. Released from this Earth
13. The Darkest Light
14. Hiver de Glace

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

mutant zombie camp

A hunting camp in Louisiana that was allegedly ravaged by a zombie-monster. Admittedly, that picture does look totally for real.

The news comes from Baton Rouge LA news (NBC 33) and was reportedly taken on a reserve in Berwick near Morgan City. The anonymous submitter claims that the entire camp was destroyed, including the camera that snapped this picture, and the SIM card revealed the culprit.This was taken dec 10 2010 MMmmmmm looks pretty real to me.I think seeing movies like Wrong turn and the hills have eyes/texas chainsaw massacre,you would think there be some crazy shite out there,Backwoods locals.Im always taken back by H.P.Lovecrafts night-gaunts crazed winged creatures,or the descents underground creatures that feed on the animals of the forest.Im just saying theres more beyond are reality then we know.

Parents 1989

This film makes you wonder what your parents really did when you were asleep at night.All the crazy thoughts that go through a kids head when your young.This film may not be your mum and dad but its michaels a very nervous kid who wont eat what his parents try and feed him.To say anything his parents and grandparents are one in the same check out this film if you like 50's type settings and old fashion cooking....:)

"maybe they will invite you over for dinner"


Zombie Origins

There are several possible origins for the word "zombie." These include jumbie, the West Indian term for "ghost," and nzambi, the Kongo word meaning "spirit of a dead person."

Haitians believe in zombies believe that a bokor's sorcery -- not a poison or a drug -- creates them. According to local lore, a bokor captures a victim's ti bon ange, or the part of the soul directly connected to an individual, to create a zombie.Although it was discovered that the bokor uses complex powders, made from dried and ground plants and animals, in their rituals.

This zombie powder is found in four regions of Haiti. Their ingredients were not identical, but seven of the eight samples had four ingredients in common:

One or more species of puffer fish, which often contain a deadly neurotoxin called tetrodotoxin

• A marine toad (Bufo marinus), which produces numerous toxic substances
• A hyla tree frog (Osteopilus dominicensis), which secretes an irritating (but not deadly) substance
• Human remains

In addition, the powders contained other plant and animal ingredients, like lizards and spiders, which would be likely to irritate the skin. Some even included ground glass.The use of the puffer fish Tetrodotoxin causes paralysis and death, and victims of tetrodotoxin poisoning often remain conscious until just before death. The paralysis prevents them from reacting to stimuli.

Applied topically, created irritation and breaks in the victim's skin. The tetrodotoxin could then pass into the bloodstream, paralyzing the victim and causing him to appear dead. The family would bury the victim, and the bokor would remove the body from the grave. If all had gone well, the poison would wear off and the victim would believe himself to be a zombie.

Ythogtha-false faith

Ythogtha is a blackend noise band from Arizona consisting of two members,One song on the demo is a cover and tribute to the great Black flag great demo get it here.