Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Xasthur-last album

For some of you who do not know already Xasthur is no more,Malefic has stated that he will no longer be making music under the name xasthur.Why?He stated that he did not want his music to become just another band,having to have guest muscians come in on future albums to get peoples attension.Portal of sorrow will be his last album with 14 songs to end Xasthur(P.s. there is no upload here theres already tons of blogs that have the album already buy it and enjoy it).

01. Portal of Sorrow
02. Broken Glass Christening
03. Shrine of Failure
04. Stream of Subconsciousness
05. Karma-Death
06. Horizon of Plastic Caskets
07. Mesmerized by Misery
08. This Abyss holds the Mirror
09. Mourning Tomorrow
10. Miscarriage of Souls
11. Obeyer's of their own Death
12. Released from this Earth
13. The Darkest Light
14. Hiver de Glace

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  1. This album is by far his best work in my opinion great ambient black metal not like SG album