Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Real monsters in Riverside,Ca

In 1958, Charles Wetzels saw a creature Saturday, November 8, 1958,Charles Wetzel was near Riverside, California when he encountered a strange bipedal, reptilian like creature. He was driving on North Main Street and had arrived at the Santa Ana River which had over flowed its banks when his radio station suddenly went out. Changing stations didn't help. Then a six foot tall creature with scaly skin, no nose, no ears, and a beak like mouth emerged and attacked Wetzel's car. Wetzel later described it as having a "round, scarecrowish head like something out of Halloween". As it clawed at his windshield, he stomped on the gas, causing the creature to fall off the hood and under his car. Not caring about the monster, he blatantly ran over it. The creature scrapped against the bottom of the car. Police tests would reveal that something had indeed rubbed against the underside of his car, but police dogs later brought to the area found nothing. Although the next night, another motorist was frightened by something not far from the site of the attack, the only real evidence of the creature's existence was the clawed windshield of Charles Wetzel's car.

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