Monday, April 25, 2011

Lesbian vampire killers

great film reminded me abit like shawn of the dead just replace the zombies with vampires and there you have it.In this film we got two main characters Jimmy and fletch(seen above)Jimmy dumped by his girlfriend and fletch loseing his job has a clown start out on a hike to a village to get away from it all.
There they hope to meet some atractive ladys to hang with only to find a bar with a bunch of crazy old men.The old men point them in the area of a cottage where jimmy and fletch soon go and meet up with some grils they had seen leaving earlier from a bar in town.They then meet up and party with the gals and one by one they begin to disaper while onlyone woman is left,while the rest are turned into vampires.

Lesbian vampires of who wish to return there vampire god so to speak Carmilla

The rest of the movie is a battle between jimmy fletch and lotte one of the only gal that did not turn, against the LVK and a small note i didnt mention the only way to kill carmilla is with a sword a sword with a penis handle...Great film

The story ends with a gay werewolf howling at the moon

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