Monday, June 6, 2011

The order of the fly

Here it is by request it only took me a month to find this cd in all my mess or maybe 2 months but I got it up. :) The order of the fly is a horrorpunk band from San Bernadino California this is there first horror field album combining synths to there punk for a great unique sound.I remember sending away for this album I believe in the late 90's after picking up one of the bands first comic book/fanzines writen by ralphie and abbey,I also got a shirt....I remember waiting awhile for the order so I contacted them and i guess they had todo a new batch so they sent me some more free stuff and a hand writen thanks and what not i remember having the feelings (fuk yeah in my head has I looked at all the cool merch they gave me).Anywho this is a great band so go see umm live buy there merchandise and support your local scene.

Get it here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

also check umm out on facebook and myspace for gig info and more

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