Tuesday, October 11, 2011


The Crass I remember hearing my first crass album long ago and thinking wtf is this noise haha and the only song I could get into was do they owe us a living after many years passed I gave them a chance again and after your music opens up from punk to anarcho to crust etc... you begin to check out other music and damn I missed out but that was in my younger years growing up.Now I love the crass I just recently caught Steve Ignorant presents the crass songs etc...etc... and damn what a show Idont give a fuk if it was only steve the og of the group was the only one performing the music was the same the voice and visuals behind the band was awsome.So for all the PC punkers saying fuk that it aint the same without the rest of the band fuk off you wank
atleast one of them is carrying the legacy and playing for massive crowds of fans,thats what the music is for the people(get it)the people "you"me"US" the ones that support so for those that said wow they sold out take a step back and rethink it.

GET IT HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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