Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Angelina jolie punk rocker

Angelina Jolie sporting a crass shirt,so fkn what i heard when she was growing up she listen to punk rock music and thats great maybe some rich snob city girl will say whats the crass and find out and change over night into a awsome crusty gal or gutter punk....One less hollywood high roller in the streets.I say wheres the rudimentary peni shirt on tom hanks hahah.The point being we were all young once,what do we do now work wise(socialy) and we still listen to are music and dont give a rats ass what people think cause its our music so I say good for her,Up the punks angie Up the punks!


  1. Dont understand everyones complaints around the internet.

    The more its seen the more its discovered.

    a good ting yeah!