Saturday, May 28, 2011

Dead Island

Dead Island is a new video game coming to consoles very soon from what ive seen it looks similar to left 4 dead in that there is a 4 player co-op and a single player mode of coarse the use of machetes is not something left 4 dead came up with but just the natural defense tactic against zombies everywhere.On the site below you can download the Fansite Kit which has some pretty cool large images of each character you can play as and wallpapers etc...Also ive heard people compare the game to the likes of dead rising,well of coarse people are going to compare games like this game to every zombie game out there.There are only a few so with that said watch the trailer and judge yourself it looks pretty good to me.Also call me a wimp but the trailer is actually kinda sad,but really shows you the game has atmosphere which is good in a game,so cant wait for this to come out,dont forget to check out the site.

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