Thursday, May 5, 2011

War,total war,we war,sweden and Peter Tägtgren

War other wise known has Total war here in the states(due to legal reasons) was formed in 95.The band has featured members of Abruptum, Hypocrisy, Ophthalamia, Dark Funeral, Vondur, Lock Up, and In Aeternum.There is some story behind the band being true or false is up to you,War was born on the idea of creating a band,and earning profits to kill Varg Vikernes who had murdered Euronymous."It" a member of War said"We knew people inside the "Cunts" prison, who would have him killed for a certain amount of money"hence any money earned from the album would go straight into a bank account after the deed be done.Is this true who knows,what I do know is that this band is amazing playing black metal or war metal you cant go wrong with Peter Tägtgren everything the man dose is pure greatness from his band hypocrisy to pain to lock up.

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