Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Well here we have Mutants a french zombie flick(actually not zombies but mutants)that you could group into the cannibal section too.These are people infected with a virus that try and eat people Mmmm mutants I think zombies but the film says mutants so we have togo with that.

The film starts off with Marco and sonia a couple trying to get to an amry base.Marco and sonia gets attacked,Marco becomes infected with the virus and slowly starts to change.Sonia then gets marco to a abandoned hospital where she trys to treat him(she is a doctor)slowly he begins to transform so she has to lock him away in the basement.

When trying to go get help sonia then gets a surprise by a few unexpected visitors that try and hurt sonia.Later in the film youll see whats left of the mutants will to stay alive and the thought process,

the rest of the film is a battle for life and survival.

The film is also more of the cross you have to bear with losing a loved one and the desisions you have to make,it has a very 28 weeks later feel to it.Plus the ambient soundtrack makes it all the better.


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