Thursday, May 19, 2011

The rapture May 21st the dead will walk the earth (ZOMBIES)

So from post all over the internet people are saying the end of days are near and that those who believe in god will be saved,other wise taken from there bodys and taken to the land above (heaven).

Those that donot believe will stay here on earth for 5 months living in torment and despair.Also the begining of may 21st we are to have a world wide earthquake and thats when will no that the rapture has come.According to the doomsday calendar they have built from Genesis and other books of the Bible, the dead will rise from their graves on Judgment Day, 21 May(zombies).

There seems to be many who believe that saturday coming up is the end people are wearing shirts that say doomsday is coming billboard sign are everywhere,people are holding signs in the streets.

So first they say its 2012 thats gonna end it all now its may 21st when gods people will be taken and the following 5 months here will be despair.I seem to recall a time not long ago when they said the world would end and that was in 1999 and here we are 11 years later.No doubt theres alot of thing happening in the world today but there always is, were just to blinded by are everyday lives to open are eyes and see.Yeah theres war,hunger,global warming massive flooding,tsunamis like what happen in japan which alot of people have probably forgotten by now.

Not to mention the strange emission coming from the sun and the waves its been sending towards the earth which tons of people have no idea of.

Anyways to make my point things of this nature have been happening for years the earth and its population will end when it ends.With that said if ZOMBIES do come out to play get your zombie survival kits out

Grab your guns and machetes and pretend your in a game of left 4 dead and lets get to that safe house.

Remember aim for the brain!!!!

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