Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Christian Deaths,reissue only theatre of pain,45 grave death party pt2

ok so the night started off with death party a death rock band with some great punk influence and i couldnt help but feel some of there songs sounded like the band medicine a band off the crow soundtrack but thats was only for a few songs that they said was there experimental sound,they put on a good show and if you like death rock/punk you should diff check umm out they are on facebook and myspace.

for there last two songs Richie ramone one of the drummers of the ramones played with them,they played psycho theraphy which was awsome.

During there set I walked up to the front of the stage which was a mistake on my part cause there were alota crazy goth chicks dancein there ass's off and i kept getting wiped by hair as i tried and take pics lol.At the end of death partys set they said that rikk agnew had gottn sick and would not be performing sucks cause thats why i went,but after the night ended it was all worth it because of all the great people that showed up and made the gig happen.Next up was 45 grave heres there set list

Also now playing guitar for 45 grave is Frank agnew of the adolescents

45 grave put on a great show as usually,playing all the hits and a few songs that havnt been played in 20 years or so,and a tribute to rob graves

At the end of there set they brought up there original drummer Don bolles formerly of the germs who hadnt played with them in 2 decades.Also floating around in the crowd was the singer of frankenstein Dave grave.Fun was had by all....

At the end the place turned into a goth dance club playing alot of,of coarse christian death songs it was awsome.

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