Thursday, May 5, 2011

The horde

The horde aka La horde is french zombie film with gangster/drug dealers and cops.The movies about a group of cops that seek out revenge for one of there fallin comrades.Going after a major drug dealers who killed him.

The cops then quietly slip into this giant building more of a houseing complex or a tall very tall apt building.The mission then turns sour has the cops are captured and held until the gangsters find out why they are there.When suddenly both groups are brought together by the zombie apocalypse that just sprung out of nowhere.

Together the two groups have to put there differences aside to battle the zombies trying to eat there precious skin.

This movie was very surprising has zombie films nowadays tend to be pretty low budget this one is jam packed with action and good gore so go rent it buy it stream it watch it. it with subtitles its just better that way

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