Sunday, May 22, 2011


The movie frankenfish is based on a real fish tho its not exactly the same the fish can survive out of water and are very aggresive.

There are tons of these new movies popping up mega fish mega croc etc...etc... and are all very low budget franeknfish offers abit more with some good gore alot of whats gonna happen next moments.The cg in the movie is on the low budget side but if your like me and like even low budget flicks youll like this.Takes place in the bayou this snakeheads have been mutated meaning there more aggressive killing and stalking there prey.

Even coming out of the water to get there kill

I would diff check this movie out if your into creature features the ending is well worth it hell the hole movie is good so check it out.
P.S.the main snakeheads alittle big

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