Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Y.A.P.O. non-profit,La street hardcore

It all started in Baldwin Park,Ca back in the year 1984 with James(Vocals), Tony(Bass), Dodg’e(Drums), Brent(Guitars), & Justin(Guitars). For years they played off and on terrorizing the Los Angeles punk scene. They released many demos and tapes through out the years, but their most popular releases in the late 80’s & 90’s were two 7 inch records released on Beer City Records which were titled Young and Pissed Off & Imminent Doom. Through out the life of band many members were rotated in & out of the band(so many that we can’t remember to mention, sorry guys). In late 2005 the band formed back together with half new members to include Ricky(Bass), David(Drums). Within the past two & ahalf years, the band went through more lineup changes but finally got around to releasing their first full length album Non-Profit. At this moment in time, their latest line up includes- James(Vocals), Chris(Guitars), Flea(Guitars), Ricky(Bass), & Jessie(Drums). Ricky lobo has replaced Jesse on (Drums) These days they continue to play all over the So. Cal punk scene with many great bands(too many to mention). Also they have a new album out also a split with the convicts another great band. So if you get the chance & opportunity to see the band, do it! hardcore og punx!!!!!!!! sgv/la

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P.s.great band live great albums go see um live and by there shiz also heres alittle pick of me james and rottenalice @ a backyard gig up the punks

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